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PUBLISHED/UPDATED: August 29th, 2018


These days, data is a key asset for any business or organization. Companies’ IT infrastructures are built around the core principles of data protection, processing speed, and access time. Moreover, to ensure continuous business operation, it is crucial to keep data available 24/7 or have the ability to recover it in the shortest terms. This translates into such requirements as Recovery Point Objective (RPO)  and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). To allow companies meet even the strictest RPO and RTO requirements, we offer StarWind Virtual SAN.


As the modern business world keeps on developing with a rocket speed, it becomes more and more challenging for companies to keep their applications and services always up and running. Moreover, it becomes unacceptable for organizations to tolerate significant data loss in case of even severe disasters. Companies are to ensure they lose no data at all or make that amount as low as possible. Essentially, this creates the need in low RPO – point in time that a failed server needs to be recovered back to. However, the existing solutions are complex to integrate and lack the functionality to meet short RPO needs.

Furthermore, organizations can’t afford to wait for days to restore their services as this impedes business losses. Companies need their applications back as soon as possible, resulting in low RTO – the actual time needed to move apps back to a state when they can be accessed. With significant data growth, it becomes challenging to meet low RTO requirements as solutions present on the market still demand significant time to restore the services operation.


To help companies build an IT infrastructure that meets even the strictest RPO and RTO requirements, StarWind brings in its Virtual SAN – a complete Software-Defined Storage solution charged with the features allowing to set uninterrupted business operation. StarWind Virtual SAN ensures low RPO and RTO by bringing Hybrid Cloud functionality. Companies can easily integrate the public cloud of their choice into their existing on-premises environment to ensure a solid Disaster Recovery site in Azure, AWS or Google Cloud. As a result, your data is constantly available and applications are running 24/7 thanks to StarWind VSAN synchronous failover clustering between a private and a public cloud.

Furthermore, StarWind VSAN ensures constant uptime for mission-critical applications by delivering active-active Stretched Clustering support. StarWind ultimately takes RPO and RTO requirements to a new level by eliminating the applications downtime. The Live Migration between geographical locations occurs instantly in case a power outage hits one of the sites, allowing the services to be restored instantly.

What is more, Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective actually equal to zero since a 2-node system built with StarWind VSAN tolerates one disk and one node failure and keeps on operating without impacting production.


It’s no wonder companies want to protect their applications and data and keep them constantly at hand. The faster you get your services back, the faster your business will start making a profit. Therefore, RPO and RTO are crucial factors to be taken into account when designing an IT infrastructure. StarWind Virtual SAN helps businesses meet even the strictest RPO and RTO requirements thanks to Hybrid Cloud functionality, active-active Stretched Clustering support and a high fault tolerance rate.

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