StarWind Virtual SAN helped Intermodal Management Systems promote IT infrastructure stability without compromising its cost efficiency

Published: June 7, 2018

StarWind and Windows Failover provide IMS’s production environment with a much more efficient way of making sure that our end-users never hear “we are currently having system issues”.

Paulo Laranjeiro, Network Administrator


Before StarWind Virtual SAN deployment, Intermodal Management Systems used the NAS-based storage with the Failover capability provided by its vendor. However, that feature did not work as it should at the moment of need. This bitter experience made the company to look for a high performing, reliable, but cost-efficient alternative.


After reviewing SAN and software defined storage solutions, Intermodal Management Systems has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN for its high performance, cost efficiency, and stability. The solution is entirely hardware-agnostic that makes it capable of being run on the off-the-shelf hardware. This allowed Intermodal Management Systems to deploy StarWind Virtual SAN in the hyperconverged scenario without overspending on the proprietary hardware. The solution enables to reach the close to underlying storage performance. This allowed the company to streamline its existing infrastructure utilization. Intermodal Management Systems also notes solution stability. Being deployed in a redundant infrastructure, StarWind Virtual SAN, together with the properly configured Windows Failover, enables Intermodal Management Systems to have its production running even with only half of the environment up.

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Paulo Laranjeiro, Network Administrator