StarWind Virtual SAN delivers high availability and performance

Published: December 1, 2017

It’s superfast and super reliable, exceeding all set requirements. Running now for the third year 354/24/7 with zero downtime.

Adonis Eliades, ICT Manager


The previously utilized infrastructure consisted of locally-developed software running on worn-out hardware and could not satisfy company’s needs in high availability. Therefore, Andreas Psaltis & Sons had to build a new IT infrastructure from ground up with a storage solution that would provide high availability.


Andreas Psaltis & Sons has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN since it eliminated the need for physical SAN and significantly reduced its virtualization expenses.

StarWind Virtual SAN has exceeded company’s expectations, providing it with high availability and fast performance. Currently, Andreas Psaltis & Sons has been using StarWind Virtual SAN for three years 365/24/7 with zero downtimes.

About the Company

Andreas Psaltis & Sons Ltd. is an experienced supplier of automotive spare parts from Cyprus. The company distributes equipment and spare parts for saloon cars and light commercial vehicles.

Andreas Psaltis & Sons Ltd. is the most well-known and experienced automotive spare parts supplier in Cyprus. The company distributes and imports automotive spare parts and equipment for saloon cars and light commercial vehicles. Andreas Psaltis & Sons Ltd. enhances all areas of its business dynamically. This trait, together with a customer-centric approach, allows the company to provide supreme-quality products and services.


Automotive spare parts and equipment distributor/supplier

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Adonis Eliades, ICT Manager

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