StarWind Virtual SAN assisted the National Agency of Project Management in Uzbekistan to build a fault-tolerant and highly-available IT environment


StarWind has a number of advantages over other products. I’ve used StarWind earlier and it never failed.

Vasily Gudimovich, International Consultant


Initially, the company’s infrastructure was self-contained, reliable, manageable, however, the agency wanted to ensure 24/7/365 applications uptime. Subsequently, there was a need to create highly available virtual machines. Therefore, software-defined storage solution was required to meet the company’s requirements.


StarWind Virtual SAN was preferred to other similar solutions due to the company’s satisfactory experience with the product in the past. Deployment of StarWind Virtual SAN managed to fulfill the actual needs of the company because this solution creates a fault-tolerant storage pool and ensures unbeatable performance of the applications. Moreover, StarWind Virtual SAN has a number of cogent advantages, including optimal distribution of budgets and simplicity in administration of the IT infrastructure, which influences decision-making in favor of StarWind solution.

About the Company

National Agency of Project Management under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan was established to ensure the rational use of resources during the process of governmental system reformation, economic and social spheres. This agency is also aimed to increase the efficiency and transparency of management over the implementation of governmental programs and public expenditure.


Ministry of State

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Vasily Gudimovich, International Consultant


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