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StarWind V2V Converter 


This guide provides an overview and step-by-step installation instructions for the StarWind V2V Converter. It highlights the converter’s key features and outlines the supported disk, VM formats and conversion scenarios (P2V, V2V, P2C, V2C, C2C). 


The primary audience includes IT professionals, system administrators, and virtualization specialists looking to migrate VMs/virtual disks across different platforms or convert physical servers into virtual machines efficiently. 

Expected Result 

By following the installation guide, users should be able to successfully install and utilize the StarWind V2V Converter to perform VM/virtual disk conversions and migrations or virtualize physical servers. 

Installing StarWind V2V Converter

1. Download StarWind V2V Converter setup executable file from the StarWind website by following this link:

2. Launch the downloaded setup file on the Server/PC where V2V Converter needs to be installed.

3. Read and accept the License Agreement.

4. Click Browse… to specify the path where V2V Converter will be installed and then click Next to continue.

5. Specify the Start Menu Folder. Click Next to continue.

6. Enable the checkbox to Create a desktop shortcut and click Next to continue.

7. Verify the installation settings. Click Back to make any changes or Install to continue.

8. Click Finish to exit Setup.

Select the Converting Option

See the conversion guides at


The StarWind V2V Converter installation guide offers a comprehensive solution for professionals seeking to streamline the conversion of VMs/virtual disks between different virtual environments or converting physical servers to virtual ones. Its support for various hypervisors and VM/disks formats, combined with features like P2V migration and cross-cloud conversion, makes it an unique tool for managing and optimizing virtualization projects. 

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