StarWind provides Jo Kohlmorgen with an easy to use StarWind Virtual Tape Library

Published: May 17, 2017

Works “out of the box

Jo Kohlmorgen, trainer


The company specializes in IT Consulting and Training in the following spheres:
• Network Basics
• Windows Server
• Storage
• Security


The company’s primary IT infrastructure consisted of a classroom network with 1GB/s speed and dedicated hardware to run a virtual environment for each participant.

Jo Kohlmorgen was looking for a virtual tape library solution for their “Veritas Backup Trainings” course that would be easy to configure and run. However, the solutions present on the market required a lot of special knowledge for their deployment or couldn’t meet all the needs.


Jo Kohlmorgen decided to choose StarWind Virtual Tape Library since it works “out of the box” and allows to easily configure iSCSI access.

StarWind Virtual Tape Library perfectly fit the training environment and satisfied all the company’s requirements. Now, Jo Kohlmorgen plans to further use StarWind VTL in its educational purposes.

About the Company

Jo Kohlmorgen is a trainer in a German company engaged in IT training and support, software-development and IT security.


IT Training and Consulting

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Jo Kohlmorgen, trainer


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