StarWind enables PAD Technologies Inc. with high availability (HA) at the voice server level

Published: July 30, 2019

StarWind made it easy to get features such as replication in HA cluster environment that helps with the redundancy.

Khurram Mohammad, company’s representative


Initially, PAD Technologies Inc. used to work with Microsoft Windows cluster on VMware. Considering the broad range of services this company provides their client with, it is evident that, like any other successful IT consulting company, PAD Technologies Inc. needs their voice traffic to remain seamless under any circumstances. Therefore, having any downtime due to storage issues in such a situation is simply unacceptable. The company required high availability for their voice server without always looking over their shoulder, which is why StarWind services turned out to be the best option.


StarWind provided PAD Technologies Inc. with the perfect resolution of their problem. As a software-defined storage solution, StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) ensures 99.99% application uptime with the replication of all the critical components, such as data, caches, and I/O controllers. This way, with impeccable assistance of StarWind support team, the company servers will be able to continue the work instantly with zero downtime in case of failure, thereby increasing system redundancy and guaranteeing seamless voice traffic, which is precisely what PAD Technologies Inc. were looking for.

PAD Technologies Inc.

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PAD Technologies Inc. is an IT consulting company, specializing in Programming, Application Development, high-speed connectivity, hosting, design and development of the Internet and Intranet solution, designing and implementing the LAN/WAN network infrastructure, etc.

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Khurram Mohammad,
company’s representative

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