Split Digital LLC goes hyperconverged with StarWind to make the system highly available and easily scalable under a transparent pay-as-you-grow model

Published: January 14, 2019

We now have hyperconverged infrastructure that exactly fits what we wanted for extreme reliability and extreme uptime. This is perfect for a small company like us, as we can be much more nimble and responsive to our customers.

Matthew Henson, the Founder


Split Digital LLC ran for several servers with onboard storage and Linux storage servers with passive failover. The configuration was working, and they had the data redundancy needed. However, its speed wasn’t meeting the company’s growth rate. In addition, there was a labor-intensive requirement to constantly verify each server. What is more, Split Digital LLC had issues with split brain in their active-passive cluster regularly.

For a long time, the company was using full-blown physical SANs as a standard solution to make the system with passive cluster work reliably. But the SAN solution was very expensive, impacting the price for their customers. Moreover, it was technically complex and required more labor for management and maintenance.

Also, in case of a glitch or if an iSCSI target was lost, time and effort would be lost figuring out the problem.


Split Digital LLC recognized that they needed to replace their existing setup with something more effective. StarWind VSAN proved to meet all the company’s expectations. It gave them almost everything they wanted at an affordable price. Plus, the StarWind support contract is built right in to the purchase price.

With the StarWind support, all the software was installed remotely. During the installation, the technician helped the company’s administrators to learn how everything works interactively. It was many times faster and easier than having to read a hundred pages of technical documentation. The installing tech was very personable and took the time to answer all technical questions.

Now, Split Digital LLC has an active cluster with hyperconverged storage that yields even better high availability and astonishing storage speed compared to their previous cluster. The full capabilities of solutions used by mega corporations now within reach of a small company.

StarWind also gives the company transparent scaling options so that adding extra components becomes easy without burning budgets. Split Digital LLC considers StarWind VSAN one of the best results the company has gotten from a technical vendor, and looks forward to working with StarWind in the future.

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Split Digital LLC is a U.S. cloud services company that evolved in 2008 in response to the increasing demand for customized cloud services with high security levels. The company provides cloud hosting services with a strong market differentiation – precise customization services for the customers’ software and processes.

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Matthew Henson, the Founder