South Gibson School Corporation cuts high IT operational expenses (OpEx) by reducing the number of servers from 25 to 6 with StarWind Virtual SAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: August 17th, 2023

StarWind turned out to be a wonderful recommendation, as it saved money and it just works!
I have 100% confidence in the product.

Matt Bilderback, IT Coordinator


Prior to implementing StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN), South Gibson School Corporation had a setup consisting of numerous physical servers, each dedicated to a single service. As these servers aged, maintenance became cumbersome, and the need for an upgrade was evident. Additionally, the budget constraints of a public educational institution made it difficult to consider costly solutions for infrastructure improvement. The school district sought a solution that could modernize its infrastructure while staying within budgetary limits.


Implementing StarWind vSAN, South Gibson School Corporation designed a new network setup that included two physical SAN servers running StarWind and four Hyper-V servers. This redesign aimed to enhance performance, provide redundancy, and streamline management. The consolidation of servers led to a substantial reduction in physical hardware, lowering energy and cooling costs. Disaster recovery was also vastly improved thanks to the redundant server setup.

Over the course of seven years, the system powered by StarWind vSAN has exhibited remarkable reliability, with zero downtime attributed to the StarWind setup. The decision to go with StarWind proved to be both a cost-effective and dependable choice, aligning perfectly with the institution’s needs.

About the Company

South Gibson School Corporation, located in Fort Branch, Indiana, is the largest public school in Gibson County, Indiana. It is comprised of 1 high school and 3 K-8 schools. Thanks to the professionalism of its 190 teachers and specialists, the School graduation rate exceeds 90%



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Matt Bilderback, IT Coordinator

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