South Gibson School Corporation virtualized its IT infrastructure with StarWind

Updated: January 30th, 2019

StarWind turned out to be a wonderful recommendation, as it saved money and it just works! I have 100% confidence in the product.

Matt Bilderback, IT Coordinator


Prior to StarWind Virtual SAN deployment, South Gibson School Corporation (SGSC) was running a non-virtualized aged environment. It was pretty hard to manage such infrastructure and some of its components required to be updated or replaced.

The organization decided to virtualize its environment to decrease the number of hardware involved and simplify infrastructure management on the whole.


To build a virtualized environment, SGSC has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN for its simplicity, cost-efficiency, and reliability. First, the solution has dramatically simplified infrastructure management. It allowed reducing the number of servers involved in the production from 25 to just 6. With less hardware, the organization spends less on cooling and energy. Also, infrastructure management became simpler. StarWind Virtual SAN is truly hardware agnostic. This means that it can be deployed in any infrastructure without any need to change it. As a result, the solution has lowered company’s entry point to virtualization.

Running a redundant virtualized environment, South Gibson School Corporation has brought better disaster recovery strategies to life. Also, thanks to software- and hardware-level redundancy, the organization could shut down some servers for maintenance or replacement without experiencing production downtime. Currently, SGSC has been running StarWind Virtual SAN for around 7 years. For all that time, there was no event of production downtime.

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South Gibson School Corporation is the largest public school in Gibson County, Indiana. It is comprised of 1 high school and 3 K-8 schools. Thanks to the professionalism of its 190 teachers and specialists, the School graduation rate exceeds 90%.

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