MSG Ltd. Secures Its Services from Any Chances of Downtime or Data Loss Thanks to StarWind VSAN

Published: July 1st, 2021

We no longer have to worry about losing information
or terminating services. Everything works perfectly.

Shuqri Burchuladze, General Director


MSG Ltd. used an IT infrastructure that primarily consisted of Dell servers. Considering the company’s profile, the amount of information that needed to be hosted and that which passed through its servers daily was astounding. MSG Ltd. was in the need of ensuring high levels of redundancy and fault tolerance for its systems as downtime and security compromises were unacceptable. To achieve that, the company approached StarWind.


MSG Ltd. opted for StarWind Virtual SAN to help it secure its desired goals. Thanks to “mirroring” of hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers, the company gained true fault tolerance and made sure no information would be lost in case of any crash. StarWind also facilitates high constant application uptime and solid data integrity, so all of the information the company dealt with was now safe from any corruption or other threats. Thanks to the software-defined storage (SDS) solution from StarWind, MSG Ltd. can enjoy all of the modern Enterprise-grade hyperconvergence benefits at an SMB price tag.

MSG Ltd.

About the Company

The “MS Group” (MSG Ltd.) has been successfully providing services in the areas of communications and SMS marketing in Georgia since 2011. MSG Ltd. is the only company of its kind in Georgia that works with all three of the country’s GSM operators. The company provides 85% of SMS marketing services in Georgia based on principles of smoothness, customer care, and transparency.

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Shuqri Burchuladze,
General Director