SabreTech Consulting LLC Finds a “Friend in Need” in StarWind Virtual SAN

Updated: January 25th, 2020

Upfront, we probably saved $20K. The infrastructure works very well now. Going forward, we will be replacing all of our legacy SAN solutions with StarWind’s.

Tyler Condon, CTO/Partner


Considering the wide variety of services and areas that SabreTech deals with, its systems have to be up and running 24/7/365. Its infrastructure consisted of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) governed by Hyper-V. For some reason, Microsoft S2D experienced numerous storage outages, which is unacceptable in production environments. The vendor didn’t care to eliminate the root cause or explain the crashes since SabreTech was a small business. Budgeting for SMBs is crucial, which doesn’t allow for downtime that hinders the upkeep of stable delivery of services. The company needed a solution to its dilemma that wouldn’t require revamping its core storage resources, which is exactly what StarWind does best.


Wanting to stay with its readily available hardware but remove the possibility of downtime due to crashes, SabreTech chose StarWind VSAN as its resolution. The need to buy new physical storage as a solution was removed immediately. StarWind VSAN can be deployed in any environment, regardless of hardware/software configurations, as long as minimum requirements are met. Thanks to mirroring of storage and cache between hosts, the company acquired a fault-tolerant storage pool. Apart from this, StarWind Swordfish API enables easy management, allocation, and scaling of VSAN-based environments. SabreTech received the ability to scale its infrastructure however it wanted while experiencing smooth performance at all times. In addition, the company was not “stranded” with its virtualized environment anymore since StarWind engineers are always ready and happy to help. SabreTech was able to resolve its dilemma and gain awesome new perks opting for StarWind VSAN, which has been keeping its environment stable throughout various scenarios ever since.

About the Company

SabreTech Consulting LLC provides an extensive list of services, like cloud, help desk / support, maintenance, offsite backup, managed service, and IT consulting. As an MSP, the company focuses on the provision of proactive IT services to SMB, tailoring the necessary solutions for each individual client. Its customers’ usual areas of activity are healthcare, retail, automotive / manufacturing, governmental agencies and NGOs.

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MSP – IT Services Provider

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