Robertson Loia Roof PC built shared storage using off-the-shelf hardware with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: May 31, 2018

StarWind vSAN checked all of our needs while eliminating the undesirable realities of alternative SAN storage.

Matt Bhame, IT Manager


Robertson Loia Roof was on its way to VMware-based virtualization and required shared storage for that purpose. First, as it usually happens, the company considered utilizing physical SAN. However, after a careful look at the dedicated solutions, the firm realized that it needs something not that expensive and hard in maintenance. In particular, Robertson Loia Roof was looking for software that may turn the pile of the off-the-shelf hardware into the shared storage.


After reviewing the popular dedicated software solutions, the company has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN for its flexibility and exceptional ease of administration. The solution is truly hardware agnostic. This means that it can be easily deployed in whatever environment. Also, it is flexible and has better control than the classic SANs. The company also notes the superb StarWind Virtual SAN support and convenient management. Indeed, keeping things as simple as they should be, the solution can be deployed and administered by any admin. Furthermore, it is backed by the knowledgeable support team who readily helps you in tough moments.

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Robertson Loia Roof PC has been providing in-house architecture, interior design, engineering, and landscape architecture services for almost 40 years. Being known for great design and expertise, the company has been listed as one of the top architectural firms in its area by Atlanta Business Chronicle for 25 times.

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Matt Bhame, IT Manager