Illinois Community Credit Union ensures the highest-level protection of client financial data thanks to StarWind VSAN

Published: October 14th, 2021

Currently, StarWind is meeting my expectations and needs,
and I have no cause to change this solution.

Dan Hoffmann, IT Director


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Illinois Community Credit Union had an infrastructure consisting of a traditional physical
SAN and VMware ESXi on top. Its previous SAN was lacking in connectivity redundancies, specifically dual controllers. Even though it was not an end-of-life (EOL) product, the company was unable to purchase an additional card from the manufacturer. To breathe life into its IT infrastructure operation, Illinois Community Credit Union was looking for virtual shared storage reasonably priced. Following the recommendations on various IT channels, the company set its sights on StarWind.


StarWind provided Illinois Community Credit Union with a much lower cost VSAN solution with the required redundancies that the organization was previously lacking. Throughout the onboarding process, StarWind Support Team was very dedicated and helped to point out some additional host hardware inefficiencies. StarWind saved Illinois Community Credit Union roughly $10,000 in hardware costs over
purchasing a new traditional SAN. With StarWind VSAN, the company’s IT infrastructure hums along nicely without any hiccups or pitfalls.

About the Company

Illinois Community Credit Union is an American financial services institution based in Illinois. It was founded in 1935 as a place where local residents could borrow at reasonable rates and keep their savings. Today, the company continues to develop as a credit union bringing new products, lower fees, big rates, and other benefits.

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Dan Hoffmann,
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