Volex secures its integrated electronic manufacturing process by refreshing an out-of-date IT infrastructure with StarWind VSAN

Updated: June 24th, 2022

StarWind VSAN product is cost-efficient and good.

Bin Zhang, Company Representative


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Volex had servers plus iSCSI storage with a VMware hypervisor on top. The existing IT infrastructure was 10 years old, causing slow performance. Based on the cost consideration, the company decided to use the solution of servers plus virtual shared storage. Volex turned its attention to VMware vSAN, but it was too expensive for the company’s IT budget. After comparison and validation, it finally focused on StarWind VSAN.


StarWind VSAN allowed Volex to replace its end-of-life servers and storage at a reasonable price. With the StarWind product, the data access speed was increased, and IT infrastructure performance was improved as well. Using StarWind VSAN the company also configured redundancy vSwitch for better synchronization. All in all, StarWind VSAN satisfies all the company’s requirements, so Volex has a good experience of using the StarWind solution.

About the Company

Volex is a global company headquartered in the UK and specialized in integrated manufacturing for performance-critical applications and supplying power products. It serves a diverse range of markets and customers, with particular expertise in cable assemblies, higher-level assemblies, data center power and connectivity, electric vehicles and consumer electricals.

Company Profile

Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

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Bin Zhang, Company Representative


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