Matrix IT B.V. reduces its IT operational expenses by 60% by deploying a StarWind vSAN-based high availability (HA) cluster

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: July 28th, 2022

Our IT infrastructure powered by StarWind vSAN fits our needs.

Andre Pater, CEO


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) deployment, Matrix IT B.V. had its mostly 10 GbE network with a core at 100 GbE. The company’s IT infrastructure included a Microsoft Hyper-V failover cluster with 7 nodes and all-flash storage. It was hard to maintain and service such a big number of nodes as it cost a lot of electricity: firstly, it was 400 euros in a month and then with the new price rises on electricity it would be 1600 euros per month. Using Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct (S2D), the company was limited by the SPLA licensing model on its path to downscale the number of nodes. So, Matrix IT B.V. was looking for a shared storage solution that would provide the required redundancy and give the opportunity to save maintenance costs.


Following the recommendations of its clients, Matrix IT B.V. has chosen StarWind vSAN to reduce the number of its nodes from 7 to 2. Thanks to vSAN, the company achieved redundancy by creating a high availability cluster (HA) with no SPLA licensing. From now on, Matrix IT B.V. can scale its IT infrastructure easily. Along with this, such node downscaling allowed the company to save around 1000 euros per month on electricity costs at once. In the future, Matrix IT B.V. plans to use StarWind vSAN by default for redundant storage solutions for its customers.

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Matrix IT B.V. is an IT company located in Harderwijk, Netherlands. It delivers all kinds of computer systems design and related services.

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Andre Pater, CEO