RAM Company Gets 360 Support During Virtualization with StarWind VSAN

Published: January 28, 2020

Working with a vendor that is proactive and gives you direct access
to knowledgeable support is a breath of fresh air.

Carter Despain, Network Administrator


RAM Company’s field of activity calls for constant innovation and solid dedication to safety and wholeness of its research and products. To achieve that, its IT infrastructure has to be like clockwork and also be able scale without discrepancies whenever necessary. Originally, its architecture was built around three independent Microsoft Hyper-V hosts with no shared storage. Consequently, there was no ability to perform maintenance without downtime as the provision for seamless failover was impossible. RAM Company considered Microsoft S2D to help with its problem, but such an option wasn’t really suitable for a desired 2 node setup. Then, RAM decided to try the solutions offered by StarWind.


StarWind offers demos of its products for the client to be able to witness its proof of concept. Based on numerous positive community reviews of StarWind’s products, RAM Company opted for demoing StarWind VSAN in order to see whether it would resolve its dilemma. During the demo, the company was impressed by the level of the support it received: StarWind provided an engineer to help with the setup and answer all of the arising questions. Having experienced VSAN’s features firsthand, the company decided to buy the solution. Just like during the demo stage, StarWind provided another engineer who helped the company check all the configurations during VSAN’s deployment, imparting a large amount of knowledge that would be valuable in the future while running the solution. StarWind also conducted several checkups after the deployment to see if everything was functioning correctly. Thus, RAM Company avoided unnecessary costs on buying physical shared storage while achieving ultimate fault tolerance. Its IT personnel can now enter maintenance mode at any moment, migrate everything seamlessly and quickly. It can now scale our or up whenever without experiencing any downtime.Ram

About the Company

RAM Company is an innovative designer and manufacturer of precision solenoids and solenoid valves. It offers proven engineered solutions to meet the demanding and growing requirements of the commercial, aerospace, and space industries. The company has been active and successful since 1975.

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Solenoids manufacturing

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Carter Despain,
Network Administrator

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