Quick Bridge Funding built flexible shared storage with StarWind using just off-the-shelf hardware

Updated: June 24th, 2022

It is a good solution that had already made a name for itself.

Titus Chiu, Sr. Systems Engineer


The company was looking for HA and shared storage for its ESXi cluster. The perfect solution for QuickBridge scenario should be easily scalable and capable of being run on the off-the-shelf hardware. Moreover, the company required a solution fitting its budget, at a price affordable for SMB.


QuickBridge has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN for its QA, development, and staging environments for its simplicity and cost-efficiency. Thanks to the intuitive interface, thorough support, and comprehensive technical documentation, StarWind Virtual SAN is easy to implement and set up. QuickBridge had no problems with deploying it in its infrastructure. StarWind Virtual SAN mirrors data between nodes allowing the company to achieve true high availability. It should also be noted that StarWind Virtual SAN does not require any proprietary hardware for its deployment. The solution can be run on the existing one that makes it extremely cost-efficient. Also, providing software-level shared storage, StarWind Virtual SAN allows building highly available shared storage that is not that expensive as the physically-shared one. Eventually, the solution can be easily scaled, allowing the IT environment to keep up evolving along with company’s needs.


About the Company

Quick Bridge Funding, a U.S. company based in California, is called to resolve the issues that business usually face while trying to get loans. The company provides small and medium business with fast, transparent, and professional financial help without bothering them with unnecessary paperwork.

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Small Business Loans

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Titus Chiu,
Sr. Systems Engineer

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