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ProcessPro achieved required availability and performance with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: February 20, 2018

StarWind has been an outstanding solution that drastically reduced our SAN disk failures and improved disk I/O.

Robin Kirmeier, Senior Network Engineer


Prior to deploying StarWind Virtual SAN, ProcessPro’s IT infrastructure has been comprised of Open-E SANs with VMware ESX as a hypervisor. The company was looking for a simple and cost-efficient solution that would add high availability and improve overall SAN performance.


Having compared several SAN software solutions, ProcessPro decided on StarWind Virtual SAN because of its performance, ease of use, and value. The solution enhanced the overall SAN performance and ensured the required level of high availability, completely meeting company’s requirements. ProcessPro also notes the products’ simplicity and great support service which made its experience with StarWind even better.


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Robin Kirmeier, Senior Network Engineer