PERN S.A. Security Servers Become Fault-tolerant with StarWind VSAN

Published: December 3rd, 2019

The use of StarWind VSAN doesn’t have to be strictly in the IT domain. Its use in the environment of  technical
security systems allows to ensure the continuity of the technical protection functioning,
which leads to better company security.

Kamil Laskowski, IT Administrator


PERN S.A. is a pipeline oil transport company to be reckoned with and, in the modern times, it’s IT resources should secure that the legacy goes on. The company has a very complex IT infrastructure with data centers, server racks, switches, and other proprietary components acting to ensure its business thrives. The hypervisor of choice was VMware vSphere. Unfortunately, the company met a serious drawback in its environment having no feasible data replication services. So, when its core data center crashed, PERN S.A. experienced unwelcome lack of operational capabilities, leading to downtime and costs. The company needed a reliable solution to ensure fault tolerance and fast.


Considering the feature pack and quality-price, PERN S.A. decided to go with StarWind Virtual SAN. The main feature that the company needed was a replication of data acquired from security systems, and that was what StarWind VSAN delivered, and more. Firstly, it’s easy to deploy and it doesn’t care for hardware compatibility lists (HCLs). Secondly, StarWind VSAN replicates data asynchronously, running it in the background and using snapshots as the source. Data is always (compressed and) replicated to a disaster recovery (DR) site that runs in the cloud without affecting the environment’s performance. StarWind VSAN also resolved the issue of PERN S.A. having a single point of failure (SPOF). Our solution “mirrors” the shared Logical Unit between the hosts, which ensures data integrity and that all systems run smoothly even if one or more nodes “decide” to fail. In addition, StarWind VSAN offers an endless amount of shared storage, performance acceleration and security features that ensure high availability. Hence, PERN S.A. was able to resolve its security data replication concern by receiving a well-rounded DR option and make sure that its business continuity is sealed.


About the Company

PERN S.A. is a Polish company with 60 years of success in crude oil logistics, 3.5M m3 of crude oil storage capacity and 1.8M m3 for liquid fuels. Not only that, the company has a marine transshipment terminal with a capacity of 40M tons of oil/year and 4M tons of fuel/year. It is the national and regional leader in its field and acts to secure that the country’s energy policy is effective, safe, and efficient.

Company Profile

Pipeline oil transport

Contact Person

Kamil Laskowski,
IT Administrator