Pekao Financial Services built a storage replication system and ensured the required fault tolerance (FT) at 1/10th of a typical competitor’s price with StarWind

Published: April 26, 2019

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Lukasz Zasko, VMware Administrator


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, the company had a VMware vSphere environment that did not provide a storage replication system. Without a storage replication solution, the safety of company data in case of emergency situations could not be guaranteed. Being SMB, Pekao Financial Services badly needed a solution that would be cost-efficient and could solve existing problems without breaking a company’s budget. Pekao Financial Services tried to use VMware vSAN, but its cost was ten times higher than the solution provided by StarWind.


Pekao Financial Services has chosen StarWind VSAN because it could be easily deployed on the existing company’s hardware and run on the vSphere hypervisor. Being a VMware independent software, StarWind VSAN provides asynchronous replication functionality. It puts replication to the background and uses snapshots as the source, thus eliminating the performance and space over-provisioning problems. StarWind VSAN ensured safety and integrity of company data in case of emergencies at an affordable price. But more importantly, StarWind VSAN allowed Pekao Financial Services to build a fault-tolerant and highly available IT environment.


About the Company

Pekao Financial Services, a Polish company, provides outsourcing services for financial institutions. The company specializes in operating national and foreign investment funds, pension and employee funds. Working with data bulk and financial documents, building a highly available (HA) and fault-tolerant (FT) IT environment is of paramount importance for the company.

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Lukasz Zasko,
VMware Administrator

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