MTE Logistix Ensures That All Its Systems Are Up and Running Whatever the Weather Thanks to StarWind

Updated: June 24th, 2022

At this time, it’s not about saving money. It was more for us about adding a layer of
protection to have true redundancy between our hosts.

Patrick Dube, Corporate Technology Manager


MTE Logistix IT infrastructure was largely based on TeraGo Cloud with VMware ESXi serving its hypervisor. The business made a decision to migrate from Cloud to Datacenter. The said configuration did not allow for freedom of compilation and there were concerns regarding security: redundancy in its true sense could not be achieved in a setting like that. After thorough research, the corporation decided to try out StarWind to account for its needs.


MTE Logistix was able to bring true redundancy to its IT environment thanks to StarWind Virtual SAN, adding a solid layer of security against downtime. StarWind VSAN “mirrors” hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers, allowing for flawless high availability (HA). The corporation tested various scenarios, including a failover between hosts, and StarWind successfully passed the tests. Having added this extra layer of protection, MTE Logistix can now rest assured its systems will be up and running no matter the odds.


About the Company

MTE Logistix Group of Companies is a third-party logistics (3PL) corporate business located in Western Canada. The corporation has been successfully providing its services for over 95 years and there is almost nothing that it can’t cover when it comes to logistics.

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Patrick Dube,
Corporate Technology Manager

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