Mr. T Carting creates a high availability failover cluster using existing hardware and saving a budget with StarWind

Published: August 9, 2019

StarWind made the most sense in terms of lower cost and not having to do a big hardware repurchase.

Richard Papp, IT Consultant


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Mr. T Carting used standalone Microsoft Hyper-V hosts for their virtual machines (VMs). This layout was extremely vulnerable to failure. The company needed a high availability (HA) solution that utilized existing hardware without a high upfront cost.


Mr. T Carting did not try any other solutions as StarWind VSAN was the most reasonable in terms of deployment convenience and price. With StarWind VSAN, the company created a high availability failover cluster using existing hardware. Now its infrastructure has a 2-node failover cluster with the much-needed redundancy. StarWind VSAN was ease in installation and use from the first click. Mr. T Carting received supreme performance and desired HA for its applications.

Mr. T Carting

About the Company

Mr. T Carting Corporation is a family owned and operated private recycling and waste management business servicing commercial and residential customers in New York City’s 5 boroughs. The company has been keeping New York City clean since 1947. Mr. T Carting’s vision is to raise the standard of excellence in the recycling and waste management industry, provide solutions that exceed expectations, benefit their customers, and protect the environment.

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Waste Management

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Richard Papp,
IT Consultant

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