Mine Canadian Malartic ensures real-time data synchronization with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: December 24, 2019

All is working perfectly, and we are able to make updates and upgrades without any cut on our current production, where StarWind works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Serge Blais, Company Representative


The company’s IT infrastructure consists of 900 user computers and 100 different virtual servers that maintain the production area. Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Mine Canadian Malartic had 8 different cold storage units and 2 physical SANs with VMware ESXi on top. Such VMware vSphere components as Replication and Site Recovery Manager (SRM) provided automatic synchronization for files between 15 minutes and 24 hours. The main problem with the existing IT infrastructure was that its operation was based on a fragile foundation – a single point of failure (SPOF). This was fraught with the fact that any breakdowns in a single computer or a company-wide network could take down an entire system. In such a situation, ensuring reliability and high availability was also out of the question. Mine Canadian Malartic sought Virtual SAN that would allow doing real-time synchronization with the existing disaster recovery site and carrying out updates without any cuts in the production infrastructure. As a possible shared storage solution, the company considered VMware vSAN, but its price was too high.


Mine Canadian Malartic has chosen StarWind VSAN because of its reasonable price and required functionality. By using replication of data, caches and I/O controllers, basically “mirroring” them all between independent physical hosts, StarWind VSAN eliminates SPOF for storage in a virtualized infrastructure. It also provides real-time data synchronization, which helps to avoid any breakdowns, prevent privacy breaches, and ensure constant consistency of all records. With StarWind VSAN, the company got 2 sites with real-time synchronization and no SPOF. StarWind provided Mine Canadian Malartic with the necessary fault-tolerance and high availability. Now, with no downtime, the company can make updates during any hours without cuts in the production infrastructure.

Mine Canadian Malartic

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Mine Canadian Malartic is a gold mining partnership located in Malartic, Québec. The company employs 1,500 people who work directly on sites 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

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Gold mining

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Serge Blais,
Company Representative

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