Město Přeštice creates a future-proof virtualized environment by replacing obsolete storage with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: January 30th, 2024

StarWind is about great price/value ratio. Everything works smoothly now. VSAN satisfies
all our requirements and we plan on increasing the total capacity of the solution.

Josef Kasl, CIO


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Město Přeštice faced a significant challenge with its existing IT infrastructure, relying on HP LeftHand storage and VMware ESXi hypervisor. The aging storage system lacked support, leading to frequent performance issues that hampered overall efficiency.
Being a public office and having the growing needs and problems of local residents, the institution was obliged to create a stable-running IT environment. Město Přeštice considered HPE StoreVirtual VSA, but it was too costly to deploy and scale, and difficult to manage.


With StarWind VSAN, MěstoPřeštice got the chance to not only swiftly update the way its entire environment functions but also avoid heavy expenses on upgrading its outdated physical storage components. StarWind VSAN was installed into its existing nodes and created fault-tolerant storage with just two nodes. With StarWind, MěstoPřeštice experienced a substantial improvement in performance, eliminating the downtime and inefficiencies that had plagued them before. StarWind VSAN not only resolved existing challenges but also future-proofed the infrastructure, providing a scalable solution to meet evolving needs.

About the Company

MěstoPřeštice is a local self-government body situated in the Czech Republic. As a municipal authority, it plays a crucial role in governing and managing the affairs of the city, overseeing various public services, infrastructure projects, and community initiatives.


Local Self-Government

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Josef Kasl, CIO

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