LIVEBOX, a. s. heads down the road of all-flash with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Published: June 10th, 2021

With StarWind, the resulting infrastructure works as expected.
We are able to expand the storage space easily or upgrade the
underlying hardware without outages of our mission-critical tasks.

Vaclav Flasar, IT manager



Prior to using StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN), LIVEBOX, a. s. had a Dell EqualLogic IT infrastructure with VMware ESXi on top. Slow and old storage going out of warranty jeopardized the performance of mission-critical tasks and didn’t allow achieving redundancy. To tackle this issue, the company struggled to go all-flash with no vendor-locked solution at a reasonable price.


To boost its IT infrastructure performance and get there, LIVEBOX, a. s. has chosen StarWind VSAN. By creating virtual shared storage, the company got rid of aging physical storage and achieved the desired redundancy. Moreover, LIVEBOX, a. s. received the all-flash speed to perform its mission-critical tasks. With StarWind, the company no longer has problems with expanding the storage space or upgrading the underlying hardware. All this is done with high availability always kept and with no failures of its essential tasks. Thanks to a great price-quality ratio of the StarWind product, LIVEBOX, a. s. plans to offer the same solution to its customers.


About the Company

LIVEBOX, a. s. is a Czech company based in Brno and specialized in providing video and audio services on the Internet, Intranet, and in mobile networks. It is also specialized in the technology of web streaming used for live broadcasts over the Internet, especially from congresses, cultural performances, trainings, and sporting and social events.

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Vaclav Flasar,
IT manager