Storage Media for Modern Infrastructures

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Oleg Pankevych, Solutions Engineer, StarWind

Duration: 47:34

Published: March 10th, 2020

Key points of the webinar:

  • Standard storage media (spindle disk, SATA/SAS flash, NVMe flash, their types, pros/cons, pricing)
  • New arrivals 2019 (PCI Express®4.0, PCI Express® 5.0 announcement, Intel Optane® DC, and others
  • RAID levels for storage, RAID options for enterprise NVMe
  • StarWind recommendations for choosing the right option for you

Choosing the right type of storage media for your infrastructure can be a tricky task. Nowadays, the abundance of options can give a hard time for a sysadmin when selecting a proper option. This webinar will focus on storage media types, developments throughout 2019, announcements for 2020, and what option to choose for your environment.