Lancaster Baptist Church Meets the Perfect Companion to Their Ever-growing IT Infrastructure — StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Published: November 7, 2019

We needed redundancy to allow for expansion, upgrades, and DR. We have them now! The support is exceptional, the product is stable, and the pricing fits our budget.

Tom Francis, IT Director


Considering the amount of business activities Lancaster Baptist Church must maintain, it requires much IT resources to power it. The church’s IT infrastructure was built on LBC, which used Microsoft Hyper-V to manage the storage cluster, which had a single storage server, consisting of a raid of 5 SSD arrays. Recently, the church decided to expand its IT environment, by adding 20+ physical servers and 40+ applications to the existing 5-node Hyper-V cluster — 3 nodes used for computing and 2 for storage. Subsequently, the whole cluster now consisted of over 1,000 devices, 150 Access Points, and 50 switches that provide access to all those applications and services. The problem was that without a flexible supra-entity, such a giant IT infrastructure couldn’t maintain high availability (HA), and it lacked disaster recovery (DR) options.


The church considered Synology, Microsoft Data Center options, and doing the hot/cold spare, but they appeared too expensive and unnecessarily complex in deployment and utilization. Since it’s possible to deploy StarWind VSAN on any combination of hardware and software, it was the perfect companion to accompany the church’s constant growth. It united its IT infrastructure into a fault-tolerant cluster. Thanks
to mirroring and deduplication, the church received the ability to avoid the aftermaths of possible crashes. Also, Data Locality, HA, Server-Side Cache, and other features enabled the church to achieve constant uptime for all their applications. StarWind VSAN is a very flexible solution, introducing endless scaling out and up possibilities whenever necessary. Thus, the Lancaster Baptist Church IT infrastructure has finally met its match in terms of stable, sustainable, and continuous growth.

Lancaster Baptist Church

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Lancaster Baptist Church is an independent church, consisting of one of the biggest Baptist churches in the West, West Coast Baptist College, and Lancaster Baptist School, all situated on a single campus in the Antelope Valley, Lancaster, CA.

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