Jaco IT-Solutions achieves high availability (HA) and reduces IT TCO with StarWind

Published: March 14th, 2019

StarWind provided reliable and affordable storage. Whenever we need highly available
storage we will certainly consider the use of StarWind.

Jan Demuynck, Company’s Representative


Jaco IT-Solutions had single physical server solutions without redundancy. No high availability was possible in their current infrastructure that compromised the overall reliability due to a single point of failure.


Jaco IT-Solutions was seeking for a possibility to ensure redundancy at a reasonable price. The price vs. performance comparison has pointed the company in the direction of StarWind. As a result, the StarWind software-defined storage stack provided reliable and affordable storage. For the future, Jaco IT-Solutions will consider using StarWind whenever highly available storage is needed. Currently StarWind gives the company what they need for storage.


About the Company

Jaco IT-Solutions is a Belgium ICT solutions provider that has been offering IT services for more than 28 years already. The company focuses on SMB and helps small and medium companies to make a transition from onsite servers and storage to hybrid cloud solutions.

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Small business ICT Solutions

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Jan Demuynck, Company’s Representative