Hybrid Apparel enhances operational efficiency and reliability by modernizing its IT infrastructure with StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA)

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 14th, 2024

With StarWind, no more worrying about hosts going down, not coming back from a reboot, etc.
Not to mention our clustered workloads stay up when the host needs maintenance.
Workloads stay up all 
the time now – a big boost to employee productivity.
Mark ValpredaInfrastructure Consultant


Before implementing StarWind HCI Appliance (HCA), Hybrid Apparel faced issues with aging and underpowered servers, creating a fragmented and non-cohesive environment. The absence of clustering posed a significant problem, as retrofitting the existing infrastructure would have incurred exorbitant costs without guaranteeing improved performance. The company’s Microsoft Hyper-V environment was plagued by constant concerns about server reliability, reboots, and overall system inefficiency.

In the quest for a robust storage solution, Hybrid Apparel explored offerings from Dell, IBM, SuperMicro, and Netgear. However, StarWind HCI Appliance emerged as the optimal choice.


The deployment of StarWind HCI Appliance significantly enhanced the performance of Hybrid Apparel’s IT infrastructure. Concerns about server downtime, reboots, and maintenance-related disruptions were eradicated. The introduction of clustering ensured high availability for critical workloads, leading to a substantial boost in employee productivity.

The resulting infrastructure has not only met but exceeded all expectations. Workloads operate seamlessly, and StarWind Support Team ensures swift resolution of any potential issues.

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Hybrid Apparel is a California-based full-service apparelcompany, featuring a world-classdesign, sourcing, and global supplychain infrastructure.



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Mark Valpreda, Infrastructure Consultant

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