Hotels Unlimited got Unlimited shared storage and more cost-efficient IT infrastructure with StarWind

Published: May 8, 2019

StarWind allows us to use our hardware vendor of choice to provide highly available storage.

Mark Hadjar, IT Manager


Before deploying StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN), Hotels Unlimited had Dell servers and storage with Microsoft Hyper-V on top. The main problem of the existing infrastructure constituted a lack of redundancy. Besides, in terms of infrastructure growth, the company needed to scale storage and compute separately. Hyperconvergence wasn’t really an option in this case. So, the company required a solution fitting to existing compute and storage separated IT infrastructure architecture.


After deploying StarWind VSAN Hotels Unlimited obtained highly available (HA) storage at a reasonable price. StarWind VSAN supports compute and storage separated architecture and allowed the company to scale compute and storage resources independently. The company was able to provide redundant storage to its Hyper-V cluster. StarWind satisfies the company’s existing requirements to have HA storage on site and has been working well for them. In the future, Hotels Unlimited plans to use StarWind to store backups in Azure.

Hotels Unlimited

About the Company

Hotels Unlimited is a family-owned New Jersey based hospitality company. It operates several hotels in New Jersey. Since 2011, the hotels of the company have won 40 Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence, given to the top 10% of hotels nationwide.

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Mark Hadjar,
IT Manager

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