Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates increases data resiliency and minimizes downtime with StarWind

Published: August 20, 2019

We deployed the 2-node StarWind appliance about 12 months ago. It has been very reliable, we have had zero downtime so far and working very well.

Ho-Ching Yung, IT Director


The company previously used to operate four standalone Hyper-V servers. Without highly available shared storage, there was a good risk of having a part of production down due to hardware failure. Before StarWind HyperConverged Appliance deployment, the company considered to use a hardware shared storage solution – SAN. To ensure the desired redundancy the company needed 2 SANs. After looking into numbers, though, the company decided to deploy a software-defined storage solution since 2 SANs would cost them a dime. The company needed 2 additional nodes. Therefore, it was looking for an SDS solution that can be run on 2 physical nodes.


2-node StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, 6-node cluster. With StarWind HyperConverged Appliance, the company increased data resiliency and ensured highest possible production uptime. The Appliance is supplied with StarWind Virtual SAN, the software-defined storage solution that transforms off-the-shelf servers into shared storage. The resulting solution is a 6-node cluster: 2-node StarWind HCA and 4 existing nodes. The reliable 2-node appliance is available to all VMs residing within the cluster, aided in centralizing storage management, increasing fault tolerance, and, as the cherry on the cake, simplifying Windows licensing. Today, Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates enjoys reliable and effective infrastructure provided by StarWind and plans on developing and improving their IT environment with StarWind.


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Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates is a Maryland-based multi-specialty engineering firm with 30 years of experience in geotechnical and geostructural engineering.

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Geotechnical Engineering

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Ho-Ching Yung,
IT Director