Get high availability and data security with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: November 22, 2017

With StarWind Virtual SAN, we have obtained a very powerful and scalable DR solution with high availability.

Genaro Tur Calatayud, the organization’s representative.


Before deploying StarWind Virtual SAN, Calp Town Council IT infrastructure consisted of a storage array connected to multiple servers with VMware hypervisors. However, the former system could not provide the Town Council with disaster recovery and data high availability. Thus, the organization was looking for an SDN-aware storage solution that could replicate the data between the servers in the real time.


Calp Town Council has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN because the solution has fully met its requirements at an affordable price. Thanks to StarWind Virtual SAN, the organization managed to enhance flexibility and scalability of their storage infrastructure. Furthermore, by deploying two StarWind Virtual SAN nodes with synchronous replication on two remote sites, Calp Town Council obtained a high-performing and easy-scalable Disaster Recovery solution.

Now, the organization plans to use StarWind solutions in its future projects.

About the Company

The Town Council provides Calp citizens with the ability to share their opinions and suggestions with the town mayor. The organization also informs local people about upcoming events and employment offers.

Calp Town Council is the elected governing body of Calp, a town in Spain. The organization provides Calp citizens a wide range of public services including direct means of sharing opinions and suggestions with their mayor. The Town Council also informs people about the upcoming events and employment offers in the public and private sectors.


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Genaro Tur Calatayud, the organization’s representative.