Armitage Technology Group Inc. guarantees uninterrupted operations for its client’s assembly line by deploying a high availability cluster around StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN)


StarWind vSAN allowed us to run an environment with HA for quick turnaround
if server experienced a failure at a very reasonable cost.

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Armitage Technology Group Inc. faced a critical challenge when a client’s assembly line required high availability (HA) and minimal downtime. The existing assembly line infrastructure consisted of a single Windows 10 desktop with simple image backups.

However, this setup lacked the necessary redundancy and fault tolerance to ensure uninterrupted operations, and implementing a dedicated storage area network (SAN) seemed excessive and costly.


Armitage Technology Group Inc. decided to deploy StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) as a cost-effective solution to address the client’s HA requirements.

The company established a failover cluster with two nodes using StarWind vSAN. Additionally, a third node in a separate building served as a disaster recovery backup, created with Veeam replication. This setup ensured quick turnaround in case of a server failure, minimizing downtime for the client’s critical assembly line operations.

With StarWind vSAN, Armitage Technology Group Inc. achieved a resilient IT infrastructure, solidifying its reputation as a reliable technology provider.

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Armitage Technology Group Inc. is a Canada-based company that operates in the Computer Network & Security industry. It delivers technology management, consulting services, and technical support solutions to organizations of any size.


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