Greenwich Board of Education updates its servers and maintains high uptime with the help of StarWind

Published: May 7, 2019

With StarWind we can perform maintenance on individual servers without service outages,
we are very happy so far.

Eugene Korsak, Network Specialist


The company has a geographically diverse infrastructure, split between 16 different locations, working primarily with local servers virtualized on standalone Hyper-V hypervisors with DAS. Despite the disposition, varied environments used to work well so far, but the operational time was down because of differences in schedule while managing downtime for updates and maintenance. To get rid of this constant obstacle, the Greenwich Board of Education decided to look for a simple and efficient solution to unite all their servers in one cluster. However, supposedly a simple task encounters numerous problems in realization. Limited IT budget requires from such a solution to be inexpensive, to work with Hyper-V, and to avoid expanding hardware footprint, using existing servers instead. Also, the Greenwich Board of Education does not have a formidable IT department with plenty of specialists, so the desired solution should have been as well essentially simple in use so that average system administrator would be able to work with.


With the desire to meet their expectations, the company has tried looking for different solutions, yet only StarWind Virtual San (VSAN) became a perfect choice for them. Integration with Hyper-V allows installing StarWind VSAN as a Windows-native application with relative ease, and it does not require customized hardware, which lets using existing hardware without replacing footprint. Also, it naturally guarantees the required simplicity in use as the ultimate sophistication. With StarWind VSAN, the company now can perform maintenance on individual servers without service outages, moving their virtual machines (VM) to the StarWind-based cluster. Because of desired cost availability, efficiency, reliability, and significant money savings with StarWind VSAN, $20 000 in 3 years, it is safe to say that the Greenwich Board of Education is thrilled about this purchase. The outstanding help provided by StarWind Support is once again greatly appreciated by the client.

Greenwich Board of Education

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Greenwich Board of Education is the governing body of an American public school district in Greenwich, with 10,000 students and 16 schools.

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Eugene Korsak,
Network Specialist

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