GHG Corporation Refreshes Its Entire Infrastructure with Two StarWind HCAs

Published: June 4th, 2020

Works well and satisfies all the requirements. Helps me sleep better at night and,
at the same time, StarWind Support is top notch.

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GHG Corporation’s infrastructure consisted of DellEqualLogic PS Storage Area Network governed by VMware vSphere ESXi. The complicated hardware architecture and software configuration created an “inverted pyramid of doom”: 2-3 virtual hosts, two switches, one Dell EQ, single point of failure (SPOF)at the bottom. It was too expensive to purchase new EQs to add redundancy. GHG needed a totally different approach to scalability, redundancy, and performance optimization.


The corporation decided to go for StarWind HyperConverged Appliance because of cost, maintenance, and uptime. The solution allows to perform upgrades on a host while all other VMs and the other host stay fully up and running. This is achieved through “mirroring” of hard disks and flash between hypervisor servers, allowing to achieve true fault tolerance. Two StarWind HCAs provided GHG with the needed redundancy and all-in-one CPU, networking, and storage in a total of just 2 hosts and for half the cost of having two Dell EQs/SAN, two switches, and two hosts.


About the Company

GHG Corporation is a service-disabled veteran, minority-owned business that offers Engineering and IT support in the space industry. The corporation has been successfully doing its business for more than 30 years now. It’s also a NASA subcontractor that develops and sells electronic timesheet systems.

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Consulting, Space Industry

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