Flotman Sp. Z o. o. successfully moves to a virtualized environment, receiving necessary storage performance, redundancy, and fault-tolerance with the help of StarWind

Published: September 27th, 2019

StarWind delivered us a complete solution that works out of the box. We successfully migrated to a virtualized environment, storage performance was increased, and now we have a redundant fail-tolerant infrastructure. We received everything we needed to get up and running.

Tomasz Raś, IT administrator


Flotman Sp. Z o. o. has worked with a traditional IT infrastructure consisting of six bare-metal servers. This system used to work just fine, right until the business has started growing, and the growth of business usually goes hand in hand with the growth of needs. The disk performance problems, server downtime, and aging hardware were becoming a downer, so Flotman decided that this environment should be upgraded. However, moving to Hyper-V turned out to be quite a complicated task. Standard SAN solution with 2-node Hyper-V cluster was not an option because of its price, requirement of additional hardware pieces, and, eventually, the existence of a single point of failure. Since the company has just decided to go virtual, the IT team have very little experience of administrating Hyper-V environment. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that a fault-tolerant out of the box solution became a number one choice under such circumstances.


StarWind HCA, as usual, worked out perfectly and became an ideal fit for everything the client has longed for. With zero configuration and installation efforts, Flotman Sp. Z o. o. received smooth and fast migration to a virtualized environment with fully configured and equipped Hyper-V cluster. Increased storage performance of storage performance in redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure was just what the company needed to get up and running. Additionally, considering the lack of experience of the client in working in the virtualized infrastructure, thorough and precise assistance of StarWind support once more became an invaluable asset.


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Flotman Sp. Z o. o. is a Polish company that is specialized in Fleet Management Software.

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