Telent Technology Services Ltd ensures centralized configuration management of its CCTV systems with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Updated: September 6th, 2021

StarWind provided a cost-effective duplication of data solution
which works seamlessly over multi-site locations
without additional hardware costs.

Ben Armstrong, TfL Account Director


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment Telent Technology Services Ltd had a single standalone CCTV application and database server located at the primary site and used Microsoft (MS) Failover Clustering services. There was also another server placed at the backup site with no data replication or seamless failover. Changes had to be carried out on both servers and often would have mismatch configuration. Telent Technology Services Ltd needed centralized management of the CCTV configuration held in the database badly while also providing a seamless failover solution for the CCTV application.


Telent Technology Services Ltd has chosen StarWind VSAN due to the freedom to use existing hardware and without having to spend extra money on specialist hardware. StarWind allowed installing MS Failover Clustering services over the duplicated VSAN disks where other products had a complex solution and a high cost of the hardware to run the solution. StarWind VSAN solved the issue of centralized configuration management and worked with MS Failover Cluster to provide a seamless failover to the backup server without needing for any intervention. This improved amount of time to configure the CCTV application whereas before the process had to be duplicated over two servers with mismatched configurations. It also provided seamless multi-site failover whereas in the old version the clients had to run a separate link to the backup server. Now Telent Technology Services Ltd is very happy with its IT infrastructure powered by StarWind that provided all the requirements and has given options for scalability.


About the Company

Telent Technology Services Ltd is a British technology company and specialist in the design, build, support, and management of the UK’s critical digital infrastructure. It maintains large CCTV systems across many sites in London with visibility of the London-wide CCTV from a centralized network operation center which has a backup facility in case of disaster.

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Ben Armstrong,
TfL Account Director