Regina Catholic Schools ensures 24/7 operations by creating a high availability (HA) cluster powered by StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN)

Published: August 11th, 2022

We’ve tested the live migrations and failover, and it worked
perfectly. StarWind vSAN meets exactly what we were
wanting it to do.

Thomas Fennell, Systems Architect


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN) deployment, Regina Catholic Schools utilized 2 Hyper-V on-prem servers that hosted roughly 12-15 virtual machines (VMs). The organization had hardware redundancy available, but there was no fault tolerance. If one host went down, VMs were migrated manually which took an extremely long amount of time. Besides, there was an issue with a lack of support for Hyper-V native migration options. So, with the aim of eliminating these problems, the organization was looking for a shared storage solution to create a failover cluster.


After reviewing multiple products, Regina Catholic Schools has chosen StarWind vSAN as it has the most features the organization would like to use for the best price. Thanks to vSAN, Regina Catholic Schools created a high availability cluster during a simple walkthrough from StarWind Support Team. Now, it can live-migrate VMs between its hosts easily and use one failover host if the other one ever goes down. The support Regina Catholic Schools received for setting up the StarWind cluster was great. StarWind Support Team explained things well and took the time to make sure it all worked.

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Regina Catholic Schools is a Canadian K-12 publicly funded urban Catholic school division.

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Thomas Fennell, Systems Architect