Electronics Box brings stretched clustering to its IT infrastructure with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Published: November 12, 2019

StarWind was the first system I found that gave me hope. Now we have a redundant storage system, so our cluster system is fully fault-tolerant.

Grzegorz Magierski, Owner


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Electronics Box had a 2-node Windows Server Failover Cluster with a shared storage system based on a single SAN and Microsoft Hyper-V on top. The root problem of the existing IT infrastructure was that every part of it was redundant except for the storage system. Although the company used SQL Server cluster instances with data mirroring to increase the availability of a database and improve data protection, all attempts were idle to build a fault-tolerant IT infrastructure without reliable shared storage. Clustering helps enhance the availability of physical server hardware, operating system, and SQL Server instances, but not SAN. Having alarm monitoring central station as a core of its specialization profile, Electronics Box needed a fully redundant system of data collection and processing. Even one minute of interruption in signal reception or processing could be akin to a disaster, not to mention a too long discontinuity. The company could no longer be afraid that one day SAN would stop working and everything would fail. Therefore, it was looking for a relatively simple and not very expensive shared storage solution to operate the IT infrastructure without data loss and interruption in case of problems.


Electronics Box has chosen StarWind VSAN because of its true reliability, reasonable price, and the possibility to meet all the company’s requirements. With StarWind, Electronics Box created a stretched cluster at several geographical locations providing complete redundancy. Active-passive configuration of the replicated shared storage ensures business continuity and constant uptime for applications and services. From now on, the company does not need to worry about the operation of its alarm monitoring central station, since StarWind allowed avoiding any downtime and eliminating high costs associated with it. Thanks to a Live Migration feature of StarWind VSAN, if something happens in one location, virtual machines (VMs) are replicated to another location. That is to say, StarWind VSAN became a real painkiller for all of the company’s IT infrastructure issues delivering high availability and fault tolerance.

Electronics Box

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Electronics Box is a Polish company based in the city of Lodz. It specializes in the installation, repair, and supply of burglary and fire alarm systems, as well as CCTV and access control. The company also runs an alarm monitoring central station.

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