Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand solves its storage resource problem and achieves a required performance level with the help of StarWind

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: September 30th, 2019

StarWind provided scaling up over the existing environment, and it all works as required with less downtime in case of maintenance.

Kittipat Saengkaenpetch, Administrator


The Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand has worked with a Windows Server OS running a Hyper-V. This system used to work satisfactory, but the performance levels were too far from perfect. Eventually, the company decided to scale up their storage to increase performance level and reach a higher uptime percentage. SAN solution was out of the table since the priority was finding a hardware-agnostic software-defined storage solution open for deployment in Microsoft environment.


As StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) solution installs as a Windows-native application, its deployment allowed the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand to leverage their existing Windows Server environment with highly available storage infrastructure spending zero effort on the configuration. Now, the resulting infrastructure not only works as required but has also significantly decreased system downtime in case of maintenance.


About the Company

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) is Thailand’s leading state-owned power utility under the Ministry of Energy, responsible for electric power generation and transmission for the whole country as well as bulk electric energy sales.

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Kittipat Saengkaenpetch,

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