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Education Resource Strategies achieved higher production uptime with StarWind Virtual SAN

Published: May 1, 2018

The resulting infrastructure has worked very well since deployment. All requirements were satisfied.

Arthur Musaelian, a company representative


The company was running virtualized non-clustered Hyper-V servers. For storage purposes, ERS utilized the separate nodes with file replication between them. The bad thing about such environment was the presence of single points of failure in both systems. Furthermore, the seamless failover was hardly possible due to poor infrastructure redundancy. As a result, running such IT ecosystem was pretty risky for organization’s production uptime: if one node went down, the entire production would be knocked out. Considering this risk, ERS’s IT ecosystem needed some changes. Yet, being a non-profit organization, ERS had limited budget for that project.


StarWind Virtual SAN allowed the company to create highly available and redundant storage that promoted environment’s resiliency. Due to being run on the flexible storage, the production can now withstand single node’s failure. Also, ERS’s IT environment resiliency facilitated scaling up and out according to organization’s needs. The solution has perfectly fitted budget limitation due to being run on the commodity hardware.

About the Company

Education Resource Strategies (ERS) is a national non-profit organization that partners with district, school, and state leaders to transform the way they use resources (i.e., human resources, time, and money) involved in establishment of effective schooling systems. Organization’s work integrates data analysis, strategic design, implementation, and monitoring of all areas of school system design.


Non-profit education advisory services

Contact Person

Arthur Musaelian, a company representative