Diaflor Technologies turns to virtualization and gets IT infrastructure flexibility with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Published: September 18, 2019

StarWind seems to be the most professional software out there and it comes with a lot of documentation and community support.

Alexandru Luca, IT Manager


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, Diaflor Technologies had an IT infrastructure with two bare-metal servers, a couple of Cisco switches, and an NGFW router. Bare-metal servers have morelimitations compared to virtual instances, in particular, the limited number of available sizes and types. In addition, bare-metal servers require physical network resources. All this made the company’s IT infrastructure inflexible and costly. DiaflorTechnologies wanted to get virtualization and considered the possibility of purchasing dedicated storage to create a failover cluster from two bare-metal servers. However, the implementation of thissolution was impossible due to the fancy price of dedicated storage.


Diaflor Technologies has chosen StarWind VSAN because it could be easily deployed on the commodity hardware and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. Thanks to StarWind VSAN, the company received shared storage with no need to buy costly dedicated storage and break the budget. DiaflorTechnologies received the desired virtualization which reduced the costs of infrastructure administration.Also, creating a failover cluster with StarWind VSAN helped to achieve high availability (HA) of applications as well as flexibility and scalability of the IT infrastructure. Thanks to StarWind VSAN implementation, Diaflor Technologies was able to save thousands of euros on hardware and softwareexpenses.


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Diaflor Technologies is a Romanian company specializing in hospitality services. It provides professional assistance in opening restaurantestablishments.

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Alexandru Luca,
IT Manager

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