DevMecca achieves full redundancy in virtualized environment with the help of StarWind

Published: July 26, 2019

StarWind is exactly what we hope to get when we work with an IT company.

Dave Baker, company’s representative


Previously, DevMecca used to have an extensive amount of hardware servers. Furthermore, they decided to invest in new Supermicro servers with the goal of virtualizing their entire enterprise. In order to achieve it, they needed to build software-defined storage (SDS) system.  At first, they have tried Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct implementation, but that one did not work out well. The system had a bug, which, according to the unfortunate experience of other companies, could have increased the downtime for weeks. StarWind naturally became the next option due to the adamant reputation of success and stability in the IT sphere.


DevMecca chose StarWind in order to achieve complete redundancy for their environment. With  StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN),  DevMecca has now added 2 more additional nodes and expanded their virtual capacity by another 50%, thereby receiving a high-speed virtualized environment. The setup and configuring of the new hardware for complete redundancy have never been simpler, thanks to StarWind support team. The reliable software and compelling technical expertise encouraged the company to look for further cooperation with StarWind in future.


About the Company

DevMecca is an American custom software development, application hosting, and big data analysis company, formed in January 2000. Their services also include technical support.

Company Profile

IT Services: Custom Software Development, Application Hosting, Big Data

Contact Person

Dave Baker,
company’s representative

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