DERMA E got a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) at a reasonable price with the StarWind software-defined storage stack

Published: April 25, 2019

We now have a superior storage platform for our virtual environment. We can now take down individual hosts for maintenance without affecting any servers. We have complete support in place with StarWind.

Richard Goward, IT Administrator


Before deploying StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN), DERMA E had a system of 2 VMware hosts that was using VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA) as local virtual SAN-type storage. With only two VMware hosts, DERMA E could not achieve fault tolerance (FT) since in case one host failed the other one could not accommodate the entire load. Moreover, VMware slated the VSA as the end of life and terminated support for the product. The VSA was not compatible with the 6.5 upgraded version of the hypervisor. All these factors put the company in a compromised position.


DERMA E started looking at the idea of a hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). With StarWind VSAN deployment, the company decided to add another host, increase the storage pool, and provide for a complete failover environment. In the process of building HCI, they were able to upgrade the hosts to the latest versions. The result was a success. The end cost of an HCI solution was much less than what was proposed for other HCI. Now, DERMA E has a superior storage platform for its virtual environment enabling complete failover and additional storage. It became possible to take down individual hosts for maintenance without affecting any servers. StarWind support has been amazing throughout the installation and maintenance period. DERMA E plans to stay with StarWind VSAN from here on out. It is the perfect complement for VMware for a critical component of the company’s virtualized environment. Should an additional host be needed, DERMA E will factor StarWind in as the storage platform.

About the Company

DERMA E is one of the largest U.S. natural facial care brands. The company manufactures and distributes ecologically friendly skin care products. DERMA E’s products can be found in such retailers as CVS, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. Since the company has developed online business, it needed a reliable and fault-tolerant IT infrastructure badly.

Company Profile

Cosmetics & beauty supply

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Richard Goward,
IT Administrator

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