Daboula creates a failover cluster at reduced hardware footprint and ensures constant uptime with StarWind

Published: February 13, 2019

The current infrastructure with StarWind operates according to project expectations and meets the set objectives framework, providing a guarantee of storage redundancy in the event of a physical server problem.

Arthur Daboula Bienvenu, Director


Prior to StarWind VSAN implementation, Daboula had failover cluster infrastructure poll that was using networked physical storage. The main issue was that each dedicated server had become obsolete. The real problem was that the existing infrastructure required redundant storage  at the physical level on different hardware. Also, the implementation of the failover cluster was especially required since the infrastructure had only two physical servers. Daboula needed a new solution for data replication and failover cluster implementation.


Daboula has chosen StarWind Virtual SAN out of several other solutions because of its ease of management and replica processing logic. StarWind VSAN was the best software-defined storage stack that
guaranteed the required data redundancy. Daboula did not need to purchase the third server for failover cluster. Besides, in case of crash it would not keep the system active all the same. Instead, with StarWind VSAN facilitated storage replication on two physical servers and the ability to use the same servers for the failover cluster. In addition, the company was very satisfied with the follow-up from StarWind Support.

For the future, Daboula plans to use StarWind VSAN for effective data replication and reduction of the server resources underutilization.


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Daboula is a Congolese technology implementer and advisor for the Microsoft Windows client/server technologies and the Office range. The company represents partnering hardware and software manufacturers. Under its professional supervision, customers introduce information systems architecture and telecommunications into their infrastructures. Therefore, uninterrupted operation of Daboula’s IT services becomes the measurement of success.

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