NWG Solutions saves $40K on its IT operational expenses (OpEx) by deploying a high availability (HA) cluster powered by StarWind vSAN

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: October 20th, 2022

StarWind vSAN provides all of the advantages of traditional
SAN infrastructure, but without the additional cost, complexity,
and management overhead.

Bill Testerman, Systems Architect


NWG Solutions maintains a data center colo that consisted of standalone Microsoft Hyper-V servers prior to the implementation of StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN). These servers host client applications and services that require high levels of uptime and reliability. Without StarWind, patching and maintenance resulted in significant downtime for its customers. The company also wanted to offer Enterprise levels of infrastructure redundancy, without the cost, complexity, and the inverted pyramid of doom that SANs entail. NWG Solutions looked at a number of solutions, including traditional SANs, but StarWind’s reputation among IT professionals, the polished nature of the product, the outstanding support, and the real-world testimonials the company received from actual StarWind’s customers set StarWind apart from other products. Throw in the reduced complexity and cost of vSAN, and StarWind was a no-brainer for NWG Solutions.


NWG Solutions has chosen StarWind vSAN as it allowed the company to implement a highly available (HA) Hyper-V failover cluster on its existing hardware, within its existing data center footprint, and at a cost fitting its budget. The company was even able to migrate existing workloads to StarWind vSAN storage with zero downtime for its customers. StarWind vSAN easily saved NWG Solutions around $40K in up-front hardware costs, plus savings in administrative time. It is a truly set-and-forget solution allowing to manage storage infrastructure as easy as ABC. As the company is rapidly growing its virtual environment, it intends to extend the existing vSAN infrastructure before ultimately implementing a larger StarWind vSAN solution to support a much larger multi-node Hyper-V cluster.

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