AVR, Inc. ensures a smooth operation of its electronic billing system by creating an HA cluster powered by StarWind VSAN

Published: November 4th, 2021

Thanks to StarWind, we minimized our downtime,
and we are very happy with the product.

Pusker Ghimire, IT Director


Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, AVR, Inc. had an issue with single non-clustered Hyper-V servers that didn’t allow for high availability (HA). So, the company wanted to build an HA cluster using shared storage, all at a reasonable price. Prior to using the StarWind product, AVR tried other solutions, but in the end, it opted for VSAN because of StarWind Support.


Implementing StarWind VSAN, AVR created a clustered environment with HA and redundancy functionalities. At this, downtime was reduced to zero. As for now, the company is more than satisfied with its IT infrastructure operation powered by StarWind VSAN and plans to use the StarWind product in the future.


About the Company

AVR, Inc. is an American company headquartered in Houston, Texas, that offers water, gas, and electric utilities a complete suite of billing and back-office management software solutions and services. AVR provides solutions across the billing lifecycle from meter reading to online and paper payments all the way through bank reconciliation services and record archiving.

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Pusker Ghimire, IT Director