Configure system to achieve the highest NVMe performance

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Dmytro Khomenko, Pre-sales Engineer, StarWind

Duration: 17:36

Published: April 4, 2018

Key points of the webinar:

  • Reviewing the recently released Intel NVMe drives’ characteristics
  • Configuration changes you should make in your system for the highest NVMe performance
  • Comparing NVMe performance before and after. Feel the difference!

Being a storage admin, it is obvious to you that the faster underlying storage you have, the better your mission-critical applications performs. To have everything running fast and smooth, you need fast disks and to have your system set right. Well, let’s assume that you have some NVMe drives in your arsenal, but what about the system configuration? Watch this video to learn more about changes you should make in your system to let your NVMe drives ace.

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