LOGIC COMPUTER ensure their business operations 24/7 by deploying a StarWind vSAN-based high availability cluster

PUBLISHED/UPDATED: March 30th, 2023

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Vladimir Simion, Company Representative


Before implementing StarWind Virtual SAN (vSAN), LOGIC COMPUTER had been experiencing challenges with their IT infrastructure due to the high volume of data they were processing on a daily basis. They were using traditional storage systems which were becoming increasingly difficult to manage and scale as their business grew. The company was also facing issues with data redundancy and high availability. So, LOGIC COMPUTER needed a solution that would provide a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective storage infrastructure.


LOGIC COMPUTER turned to StarWind vSAN for their storage needs. StarWind vSAN is a software-based storage solution that allows for the creation of high-performing and reliable storage infrastructure. The implementation of StarWind vSAN was a smooth process, with the solution being integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure. StarWind vSAN allowed LOGIC COMPUTER to create a virtualized storage environment with redundancy and high availability. The company was able to use its existing hardware to create a fault-tolerant and resilient storage environment that will support its business for years to come.

About the Company

LOGIC COMPUTER is a Romania-based IT company started in 1996.


Computer and Network Security

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Vladimir Simion, Company Representative


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