BTT Cloud breaks new ground for business growth moving to hyperconvergence with StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN)

Updated: November 26th, 2019

StarWind is best for price/performance solution. We are planning to use StarWind everywhere as possible.

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Before StarWind Virtual SAN (VSAN) deployment, BTT Cloud had computed and storage separated scenario with DataCore SANsymphony software-defined storage (SDS) and Hyper-V on top. Such an infrastructure required a lot of time, effort, and tools for administration, since all the components (compute, storage, and networking resources) were managed only separately and using special applications. Compute and storage separated scenario is distinguished by a large hardware footprint, limiting opportunities for IT infrastructure flexibility and scalability. To be up and running constantly, BTT Cloud needed a shared storage solution that would allow to reduce the number of servers and provide the flexibility to the IT infrastructure and new opportunities for business growth.


StarWind VSAN met the BTT Cloud’s eye since it helped the company to move to hyperconvergence and get rid of the bulk of standalone servers. BTT Cloud received a flexible IT infrastructure that is easy to scale. StarWind VSAN not only freed up space from bulky servers but also broke new ground for business growth, saving money, resources, and effort on managing the IT environment. From now on, there is no need to use different dedicated management solutions for maintaining separate compute and storage components since StarWind VSAN delivers exceptional simplicity in use. Thanks to StarWind VSAN, BTT Cloud gets high-performance hyperconverged IT infrastructure at minimalistic hardware footprint and a sweetie price.

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BTT Cloud is a Lithuanian IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) that implements complex solutions for IT infrastructures throughout the country and the rest of Europe.

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